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Watermelon-Limoncello Collins Watermelon-Limoncello Collins

Watermelon-Limoncello Collins

Muddled fresh watermelon combined with fresh lemon juice, limoncello and vodka makes a cool, refreshing, warm-weather cocktail.

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Dragon Fruit Margarita Dragon Fruit Margarita

Dragon Fruit Margarita

For a change of pace, try this refreshing tropical margarita made with dragon fruit, a beautiful cactus fruit with a mild melon-like flavor.

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Watermelon Basilito Watermelon Basilito

Watermelon Basilito

A refreshing summer cocktail made with muddled watermelon, fresh basil, lime and rum.

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Fruity Prosecco Sparklers Fruity Prosecco Sparklers

Fruity Prosecco Sparklers

Liqueurs and fresh fruit topped with sparkling wine create refreshing, flavorful cocktails that complement lighter fare.

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Bailey's Milkshake Bailey's Milkshake

Bailey's Milkshake

Easy, rich and delicious - a milkshake made with vanilla ice cream, Bailey's Irish Cream Liqueur and butterscotch schnapps.

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Tom Collins Tom Collins

Tom Collins

A simple, classic cocktail made with gin, freshly squeezed lemon juice and sugar.

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Neroli Cocktail Neroli Cocktail

Neroli Cocktail

A citrusy combination of blood orange liqueur, juice, prosecco and a touch of Aperol.

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Classic Kahlua Cocktails Classic Kahlua Cocktails

Classic Kahlua Cocktails

Recipes for three of the most popular cocktails featuring Kahlua - the White Russian, the Black Russian and the Sombrero.

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